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Giovediamoci is the Thursday party at the students’ bar in my town. It actually means “ci vediamo giovedi” – “see you there in Thursday” and it’s usually fun. There are a lot of people, half price drinks, music… Tonight however it was super lame. Me and my roommates spent an hour getting ready, dressing up… and when we got to the bar (around 11:30) it was already half empty. So we had some wine and came back home. That’s what I was wearing though:

Loving my new leather necklace from Zara.

It was a wasted night but next few days are promising. Tomorrow I’ll have dinner with the Spanish guys and on Saturday I am going to some party in Bologna with my Italian friends. Sunday – Black Keys in Milano. Then Thursay – Roma for a few days and ┬áMonday – Firenze.


Friday night

Ok. It’s Friday. I have only a month left in Italy so I need to go out no matter how much I have to study.

That’s what I’m wearing. The top is in the skirt of course. I find it comfy and casual. Perfect for an exam period night out.

Oh yeah, and I’ve got a ticket for The Black Keys for next week! Happy, happy, happy!